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From the director, Maya Table.

“Reclaiming Nappy” is a temperature check. With the natural hair movement being so prominent right now, I was really curious to know if NAPPY still made women of color cringe. Does it still make us feel ashamed or have we risen above possible negativity that the word carries? I was pleasantly surprised and somewhat relieved with the responses and stories that most of the women in this film gave. My aim was also to put a beautiful piece of work in the atmosphere. The previous films that are specifically about NAPPY hair seemed so sad and didn’t really show how glorious NAPPY hair is and has always been. This is my celebration piece! Oh and it’s also my first film so it’s my baby 🙂

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Director/ Producer/ Editor

Maya Table


Maya Table & Christian Mockenberg

Production Assistants

Jordan Stockton

Bria Washington

Curlfest field producers

Rachel O’Sanni

Lauren Scott

Shoutout to my friends & family for the valuable insight!

Nikki Foster

Tahira Wright

Melba + Makina

Daryl Escobal

Nicole Garner

Jenya Meggs



Lead actress

Maura Chanz

Maura’s mom

Althelene Table (my mom)

Little girl

Chansi Coleman